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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pictures! Continued...

Yay! I'm happy that people are replying to my posts!! :) If you want to respond, but don't know how... you click on the icon of a pencil that's at the bottom of any of my posts. It's next to an icon that looks like an envelope with an arrow on it.

Melissa, Cheryl, and I went to a restaurant for lunch on Friday. A cockatoo flew up and decided to join us. Isn't he pretty? :)


Blogger Pam said...

Pretty bird! I don't know why I left my comment here, well, I do, there were a bunch of comments on the other ones and I figured I might not be noticed. I know, you're thinking...Pam...who the heck is that? So, just so you know it's your long lost aunt. Just wanted to say hey and hope you have a great time over there, I've always wanted to see a foreign country, although...does Utah count? Anyway, talk at you later. Here's our family blog if you don't have

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Jan said...

Hello chicka, What a pretty bird and how exciting to just have it show up. Why does that never happen here? Anyway, will you catch me a bird just like it? Loving you, Aunt Jan

6:24 AM  

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