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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fairy Bread

Melissa had a party for me on Saturday :) It was supposed to be a surprise, but Melissa's friend Peter accidentally spilled the beans to me on Thursday. Oh well, it was super fun! This is a picture of me eating something that they call "Fairy Bread." It's basically a piece of bread with butter and sprinkles on top >.< It tastes funny. Below that is another picture of fairy bread.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

we had our ward party last night. I took some fairy bread...not much of it either. I wanted to make sure Paige was able to get to try some. I do believe she did NOT like it; I do NOT blame her! Over half of what I took was still left on the plate. *laugh* love, mom Amy, tell Melissa and her friends that they are just whack!

3:52 AM  

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