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Sunday, December 10, 2006


Last Thursday, Melissa and a couple of her friends and I went into the CITY! You see, we live in the suburbs, and it takes about 40 minutes to get to the city via train.

A lot of the buildings in the city had a cool European feel to them. It was kind of neat to see an old-styled building amidst new ones. A nice surprise, though :)

This is Amelia and I. We also went with Michelle.

The city was decorated for Christmas... everywhere. There were Christmas trees, Christmas music, lights, and general decorations ALL OVER THE PLACE. It was stinking awesome!!! Anyway, here are some stars that were hanging from wires. They were everywhere.

There's a store called Myer over here, it's kind of like Nordstrom. Anyway, they have a bunch of windows that they decorate, and people line up to see what's in the windows. So, we went too :) This year, the windows told a story about a wombat that wanted to be in the Christmas Nativity Play... but he was unfit for all of the parts :( It was an awfully cute story; here's a picture of the wombat dressed as one of the wise men.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am annoying you. Or I was. I really don't like that lady on So You Think You Can Dance (she would laugh right now, so I will too) Hahaha.

Dude, you need toput the angels pictures up here.

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