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Friday, December 01, 2006

Echidnas and a Tasmanian Devil

Hi, all. Sorry that it's taken me so long to update... I've had problems with the computer and uploading pictures :P Anyway, I'm here to continue with the Sanctuary experience, then I'll go onto something new.

These two pictures are Echidnas. They kind of look like hedgehogs or porcupines, but they're much nicer than porcupines.

Echidnas have a long nose, that helps them to eat ants and other insects (like an anteater). Along with the platypus, echidnas are also mammals that lay eggs. When an echidna is frightened, it curls up into a ball so that it won't be hurt--I mean, look at those spikes! I wouldn't want to pick on one of those if it was in defense mode.

Here is a Tasmanian Devil. They're actually really lazy animals, but apparently they make the worst screeching noises when they want to. They are carnivorous, which means that they eat meat instead of plants.

He didn't move, but I took a picture at a different angle. Silly little thing :)


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