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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Rainbow Birds, Brolgas, and a Quoll

Okay, okay. So, this first picture has a couple of birds in it, with rainbow feathers. I do believe that they are Rainbow Lorikeets; I couldn't get closer to them than this, considering that there was a big glass wall in my way :( So, it's kind of hard to find them. But, they were gorgeous.

Here are some Brolgas! They are white birds with a pink/orange spot on their heads. They're really pretty, and very nice to look at.

In the bottom of the picture and towards the left, there's an Ibis. Ignore that for now; I have a picture of an Ibis to share later :)

I like this picture. You can see the brolga's pink/orange spot, in contrast to its white feathers. I also like the fact that the brolga was wading in the water.

A Quoll looks kind of like a humungous ferret, to me. This one was running around its cage like crazy, and was staring intently at something in these photos. I don't know what it was staring at, though.


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