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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

In alphabetical order...

Normally I would post these animals up here in either the order in which we saw them, or in an order which I think is coolest. However... certain events have lead me to post animals in alphabetical order (because the computer did it that way, and I don't feel like moving things around).


These are African Wild Dogs. There were four of them, but for some reason I only have pictures of two of them. Hmm. Oh well, they're really pretty :)

Cheryl kept threatening to feed me to these dogs. Gee whiz.

It was a cooler day than it has been... (around 24 degrees, which is... in the 70s.) It was 106 degrees on Sunday. I am SO glad that the church had air conditioning ;)

Yes. Anyway, I said it was a cooler day, because the animals were actually moving. Hahaha. This one seemed pretty happy to simply stay put, though. Oh well.


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