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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Royal Melbourne Zoo

This is the town center.

...Yeah. Only not. Hahaha. On Tuesday, Cheryl took Melissa and I to the zoo! It was great :) I took around 200 pictures... and I have about 50 of them to post here >.<>

You might be able to click on some of these pictures, and you'll get a bigger version of them. When I resized the pictures, I made them smaller; however, some of the pictures were gorgeous and I wanted to be able to show you how beautiful they were, so I made them small enough to be able to upload, but large enough to get a detailed look. (AKA If you click on the pictures, sometimes you'll get a bigger view of whatever I took a picture of.) Mmyes.

Okay, so this is me and my camera. I was about to shut my eyes :P

Next post: Wildlife. Haha.


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