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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas Eve

Okay, so here are some pictures of our happenings on Christmas Eve, while at Matt's house.

Firstly, we have Matt's brother James. James and his friend Chris were mixing random ingredients into their drinks, then downing them as quickly as they could. It was amusing to watch. They put powdered citric acid, lemon juice, jelly mix (jelly is the equivalent of Jello), and I think soda in this round. That's why James' face is all messed up :P Haha.

Matt, Melissa and I also played... Jenga! Oh, a fun game. Melissa took the next couple of pictures. (And yes, I'm wearing fairy wings. I'll explain that in the next post.)

Oh, bummer... Matt made the tower fall :P Heh. Melissa was the only one who DIDN'T make a tower fall. And she'd never played before! Hah. I guess she's just really good at it :)

And, here we have Melissa. Matt kept trying to make her laugh, so that her hands would move and cause the tower to crumble. Fun!

These people are John and Tina, Matt's parents. They're nice people :) I like them. Tina made chicken wings and also made a special marinade for them... they were so good! But her marinade is a secret recipe, apparently ;) Hmm....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amy-chan!!!!! I MISS YOU!!! You're coming home soon, so yay-ness!!! ^.^ You look really cute with your wings! Just so you know, you playing Jenga is my new desktop! :.) Love, Amanda!

11:28 AM  

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