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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Amy and the Python

So I'm going to go back into the past for a while here. Hehe.

The Monday before last (so the Monday before the Zoo trip), I went to school with Melissa's cousins Laura and Christopher. The reason it took me so long to talk about this, is because I wanted to post pictures, and Lynne (Melissa's aunt) is the one who took the pictures with her camera. She ended up e-mailing them to Cheryl, and so now I have school pictures to share! :D

The first classroom I went into was Laura's. Oh, did I mention that I was show-and-tell? Hahaha. This picture is of me, Laura, and a few of her classmates. The boy in the left of the picture is one of Lynne's students. Lynne works at two schools; at the first one, she helps students learn to read if they're having difficulty in their classes (so they have more attention, because there's only a few kids in the room at the same time). At the second school, she works as a teacher's aide with a boy named Mitch.

Anyway, this is us:

I went to Christopher's class after Laura's, and I was show-and-tell there, as well :P Heh. It is very strange to be the subject of show-and-tell. But, it was pretty fun! In both classes, kids asked me if I'd been to Disneyland or Disneyworld, if I'd been to Las Vegas, and if it was cold in Oregon. Haha. In Laura's class, I found out that Santa comes to Australia on Christmas day, just before everyone wakes up. He comes on Christmas Eve for us, doesn't he? ;) Dude, that guy is pretty awesome.

This is Chris, presenting me to his class (and posing for the camera):

I went with Lynne to her second school, and some of the kids decided to come and wish us off. Laura is on the far left, and Chris is on the far right. When children go outside, it's a school rule for them to wear a hat (so that they don't get sunburned). I brought a hat too, because it's a school rule, but I didn't end up wearing it until lunch break at Lynne's other school when we were outside, watching the kids and making sure they didn't get hurt and whatnot.

At Lynne's second school, she showed me around a little bit. One of the science teachers has a python in her classroom, and this is a picture of it.

And now here I am, holding the python. Bwahahaha.

I should mention that this was a children's python that has been handled very often, so it wasn't as though it was going to bite me or anything. Haha. Lynne said that the science teacher tends to hide the snake in her sleeves and just lets it slither around her arms (while she teaches, sometimes). When I held it, it wanted to go into the front pocket of my sweater. That was fun.

All the same, I still think it sounds cool to say, "Amy held a python!" Hahaha.


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