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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cake Decorating and School

So, at Lynne's second school, she helps a boy named Mitch. This is a picture of him... and he's decorating a cake.

Mitch is a sweet boy :) He's very clever, and it was interesting to hear him speak with an American accent! He's not American, and neither is his family; in fact, he's never left Australia. Lynne said that she asked him about it once, and he replied with, "I just watch too much TV, Mrs. Harris." :D I played chess with him after he finished his cake. He's a very cool kid.

Did I mention that Mitch's class was decorating cakes? Well, they were. They turned out really well, too :) It was fun. My job, even though I don't really do the whole "decorating of cakes" thing, was to make sure that the kids were holding their bags right. So the next couple of pictures are of me, showing the kids how to hold their frosting bags without the back ends of the bags "exploding" and making a mess. (Because I can do that much, at least.)

Here is a picture of almost all of the cakes that the students made. They look pretty good, don't they? The kids brought their own decorations; the only thing that was given to them was white icing. Some of the kids brought Santas or marshmallows or candy canes or colored icing, etc. It was fun to see them getting so creative and having a blast :)

By the way, the cakes were actually fruitcake. They were covered with marzapan, I think, and then the kids decorated on top of the marzapan (which was as hard as a rock). Fruitcakes coated in marzapan can last for years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hiyas su! ^-^...I've been good. I've applied to schools already, and I'm starting on another...>.>...It's winter break now, which will give me a bit of breathing room, but I can still feel the weight of school upon my back. Nonetheless, I'm having fun...I've been having many more wacky adventures on the Quizilla forums...XD....Just today, I decided to go on a mission into "Final Fantasy Realm" to bring back phoenix feather to bring a user back to life. XD...I took Kurogane with me...and probably butchered the whole game, since I've never played Final
Fantasy in my life. XD....This whole journey is still going on mind you and I do not know when it'll end. All I know is that I get on Kurogane's nerves like Fai/Fye/Fay....Only I never call him those nicknames. XD...

Anyway...Those kids are so CUTE! XD...You're so good at interacting with kids! I'd never be able to do that. XD...I'm too...Er...o.o...I don't know, but I'm just not good with them, even having two siblings doesn't help. XD....


7:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

GREAT job on the cakes miss James! Now, come home and take some lessons, go back and teach! *smile* How fun would that be?!?

Is it cool there? You seem to wear a sweat shirt quite a bit. What are the temperatures like? How close are the fires getting to you?

If you're supposed to wear a hat, then wear a hat.

Love, your ever worrying mom.

3:01 AM  

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