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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas Night, and a Possum

Christmas night, we went to Lynne and Roger's house for dinner and a family get-together. Lynne is in the middle of this picture; I should get a better picture of her...

There were a few family friends, as well as some cousins that I'd never met before. (This means that there were a lot of names for me to remember, and I have forgotten them since last Monday :P)

Here are Laura and Christopher, passing out presents to everyone. I gave Lynne and Roger's family an Oregon calendar; pretty standard, I know, but I wanted them to have something from my home :) Laura and Chris got a LOT of candy from my family.

Here are Rob and Scott. They look like they're enjoying themselves, no? ;)

Here's Roger! I think it's funny that I have a better picture of him than I do Lynne, simply because I've spent more time with Lynne. Go figure :)

Laura took me on a tour of their backyard. High up in one of the trees was a wooden dog house-looking structure. She told me that possums could be found there. So I stood on the tips of my toes and tried to aim my camera just right, and... voila! Here is an Australian possum:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought that this possum was fake at first! This is a great picture!!! WOW! What a wonderful experience you are having; I wish it could last forever for you. Love, mom

6:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
I think the possum was sooooooo, sooo cute!!
His name is Scratch I named him when I found him up in the possum box!!
On Christmas night did you have fun?
I did.
Mum and Dad love the calendar.
I like the picture in December.

Bye for now, From Laura Harris

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Roger said...

Heh Amy, I think there are two animals


12:32 PM  

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