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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Train Ride

Cheryl took Melissa and I on a train ride through the forest on Saturday. It was absolutely gorgeous! I'll put some pictures up in the next post of the pretty greenery. The train was called the "Puffing Billy." Interesting name, but fantastic ride.

One of the cool things about this train ride, was that it was perfectly acceptable to sit on the rail of the windows (there was no glass), and just "hang out." So fun!!! You can see people hanging out in these pictures. The first is of the front of the train, and the second is of the back of the train. It was SO FUN!

Melissa and I were goofing off and taking pictures of our feet constantly. Here's one of them.

At one of the stops that the train made, Melissa and I hopped out and Cheryl took a picture of us, acting goofy underneath a sign. We were having too much fun :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
Gald your having fun. Say hello to Melissa for us, you'll have to reminder of who we are. Krispy Kremes might jog the memory. Keep on having fun, what a trip. Thanks for posting so much.
Aunt Shawna

2:11 PM  

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