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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Kangaroos, and nameless lizards

Woohoo! I was able to walk up to this kangaroo, without it fleeing. Don't touch them, though. They wouldn't like that. I was happy that I finally was able to get a good picture of a kangaroo... and there's another one in the background, too!

Okay, so it was a cool day this time. And yet, this kangaroo still felt that it was necessary to be lazy. Haha. Oh well.

Here's a lizard! Because lizards are cool!

This picture turned out kinda dark, but you can see the lizard better if you click on the picture. This one'll get bigger... in fact, I think all of these pictures in this post will get bigger.

I had to post this, just because it's a good picture :) You can see the scaliness of this lizard.


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