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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Elephants! Yes, I know that they are at our zoo, too.

Okay, okay. I took pictures of elephants. I took them, because they are SO AWESOME! I mean, they were walking around! And playing! And they are cute!

Here's a couple of them. They're both young ones :) They came from Asia. Cheryl said that they were rescued from bad living conditions, where they were kept just for people to do whatever they wanted with them :( Poor things. They looked really happy here, though.

And then, one of them decided to take a bath! I like the curve of its trunk. I saw another elephant up close, and its trunk looked so powerful. It was pretty amazing!

The elephant's friend decided to join it in the bath.

Another elephant came up (there were four in the same place, you can see them all in this picture). This new elephant sucked up water into its trunk, then squirted the two in the bath. He did it repeatedly, it was fun to watch :)

Then one of the trainers had this brilliant idea. He took one of the elephants and got it to suck up water into its trunk, then he led it over to the audience, AKA me and a bunch of other people, and got the elephant to try and squirt us with the water. Hahaha. It didn't reach, though... which I'm happy about :) It was really fun to watch them!


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