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Thursday, December 14, 2006

An Ostrich!!

It looks different than an emu, and it does really funny things with its head. It's an Ostrich! An ostrich! There was an ostrich at the zoo!

Hahaha. I was a little excited to take pictures. And it helped that I unintentionally happened to be standing right in front of a small water pool, so the ostrich walked right towards me!

Back to what I said about doing funny things with its neck... look at this big bird!

It's drinking out of the water pool, which is why you can't really see its head currently.

The last picture of the ostrich. It was definitely awesome to see this animal! Oh, and I forgot... you can see giraffes in the background :) Those animals are really, really TALL!! (That's a "Thank you, Captain Obvious" moment.)


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