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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Church Photos

So, it's about time that I started posting pictures of my sunday school class, isn't it?

Well, my class is made up of a bunch of YSA's. That was new to me, considering that we don't have a class like that in our ward back home--because there really aren't many YSA's. So, this has been a neat experience.

I can't name everyone in the picture ,_, There were a few visitors, and a couple of people are new to the class, so I don't really know their names. Sorry about that.

This is Elise, our sunday school teacher's daughter. She's very, very nice :)

And this is Erin. Melissa and I met her on my first sunday, and she's pretty much helped me with everything church-wise. I'm going to especially miss these two girls, Elise and Erin. They're great girls.

I'm not sure if I posted a picture of the temple yet, but here are two of them. I like the second one better, but that's just my preference :)

My sunday school teacher told me that he'd call the temple this week and set up an appointment for everyone to do baptisms and confirmations either Wednesday or Friday morning. I'm so excited!

It's so pretty!


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