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Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Huntsman, and the Exhibition Building

Wow, it's 1 AM. Oy, I'm tired! Okay, I'll just finish up here.

This is a Huntsman Spider. Apparently they don't really bite people, but they're big and hairy and just... big. So not fun. They're about as big as my camera. Luckily--knock on wood--I haven't seen one of these inside the house or the car. I don't know what I'd do if I did. *the shuddering occurs*

When we came home from Phillip Island, it was past midnight. A big spider was sitting on the door, waiting for us--Cheryl thinks it was this one. She whacked it with her flip-flop, and then Melissa squashed it under her shoe when it hadn't died. We were all too tired to really care about it much, though.

The Exhibition Building, which was right next to the museum, is in this photo. I liked this building, simply because it has that certain British, old-fashioned and yet regal feel to it. I thought it was pretty :)

Here we all are--Roger took the photo, so that he wouldn't have to be in it. Haha.

The museum was a lot of fun :) I like to hang out with Laura and Chris, so that was an added bonus. We sat in a park after we left the museum (that's where we are in the photo). It was a really nice day.

Tomorrow, Cheryl, Melissa and I are going to Ballarat. There's a place there called Sovereign Hill that we're going to visit. I'm excited to go! I'll make sure to take lots of pictures.

Good night, everyone~! 14 days until I get back on the plane.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You were right about bushrangers. but its called bushrangers bay. close enough.

huntsmans aren't poisonus to humans. so if they bite you, it doesn't really matter. they use their venom stuff to kill their prey.

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is what Amy would do if she were to come face to face with a huntsman; she would scream LOUD and cry and run. If she were in a car, she would probably cause a wreck trying to get out of the car even if the car was in motion. IF the spider was crawling on her, as modest as Amy is, Amy would throw whatever item of clothing that spider is creeping up on her out the window immediately and not think twice about it! All the while she would be screaming and crying. I KNOW this because I am her mother, and I would most likely do the very same thing. Amy, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT bring one of those things home in your luggage or anything else you bring home. I don't even want to see part of a leg; it will probably regenerate a whole new body and everything else...yuk! I am totally freaked out! Remember what I told you; when you are packing your clothing and picking it up off the floor, if it is moving, LEAVE IT THERE!!! I LOVE you...I HATE spiders! Enjoy your last few days of warm weather babe because it is cold here.

4:01 AM  

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