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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More Beach

So Chris decided to climb the rock... and then Laura did, too :) Here is Laura, pretending to be her brother. (Haha, Laura.)

Just for a scale... this is how it looked with my camera not on zoom.

And here I am. I managed to put sunscreen everywhere.... except my neck ,_, As a result of my forgetfulness, my skin is currently peeling around my neck because of sunburn. Well, at least it wasn't worse :P And it feels alright anyway. I've been extra careful to remember to put on that sunscreen!

I searched through the rock pools, and I found some tiny starfish (4 of them, to be exact) and about a billion snails. And some red anemones. We had a fun time at the beach--eventually, we all (minus Cheryl and Lynne) went into the water and got totally soaked. That was awesome :)


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