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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rainforests and Towers

So last Wednesday, Melissa, Cheryl and I met up with Roger, Lynne, Laura and Christopher at Warburton. We went for a walk into an old growth rainforest--it was great!

This is a picture of a structure that we all stood on, so that we were about level with the tree canopies...

And this is the view from the top of that structure. (I think we have established that Amy has something of a liking for tree ferns, hmm?) Some of these ferns were HUGE! It was awesome!

We went to a different place and climbed up a tower (I'll upload a picture of it in the next post), and this was the view from the top. In the distance is Mt. Dandenong--it's on the left side of the picture, and is pretty much the furthest land mass that the camera captured. (You can see it very well in the photo.)

Here are Laura and Chris, hanging out on top of the tower. They're awesome kids :)

And here are Lynne and Roger. I think this is a good picture of them.

Next post: Towers and Trolleys.


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