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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


This last Saturday, Cheryl took me into the city to go on a boat across the bay to Williamstown. (Melissa was sick, and she really didn't want to go.) I took some nice pictures from the boat on the return trip; on the trip to Williamstown, the boat's windows wouldn't open--and therefore, all of my pictures would've had a glare in them. (We caught a different boat on the way home, you see.)

Williamstown was a quaint little place to visit. It was a really nice trip! Cheryl and I walked around and just enjoyed the day :) We had some gelati, too, which was pretty awesome.

Anyway, I should explain the pictures. This first one is a scene of the city. In a recent post titled "Bush Fires," I talked about how some days were smoky. Saturday was one of those days (it wasn't very bad, though); Cheryl reckons that the smoke came from fires that are burning deep in the bush. Anyway, you can kind of get a glimpse as to what I mean when I say that a day was "smoky."

This is what the underside of a bridge looks like, just in case you've never seen one before :) I liked the old-fashioned European feel of this bridge.

This bridge is the Sandridge bridge. There are figures standing on top of it; they represent the different people from different countries that come to Australia. (Australia has a very diverse population.) It was pretty neat to look at.

Here's one of the figures up close. The pink things in it spun when the wind blew. It looked pretty cool!

Here are Cheryl and I (not a very good picture, I admit). We were inside the boat at the time of this photo.


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Everything looks great! I love the possums! Wonderful pictures...all of them.

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