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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tower and Trolleys

As promised, here is that picture of the tower we climbed. I count... 8 flights of stairs :) The view was great, though!

After the "tower adventure," we all drove to Healesville (the place where I saw the koalas and kangaroos the first time around). The Harris' and I went for a ride on the trolley that they had there. It was a great ride :) Here are Laura and Roger.

And here's Chris!

The trolley went through a tunnel--it was a lot cooler in the tunnel than it was outside. (Wednesday was a warm day, you see.) This tunnel was made in the late 1800s, and the trolley driver thinks that the tunnel itself is 7 bricks thick (or something along those lines). That would take a long time to build!

((The side of Chris' head is in the picture.))

The trolley ride was probably about 30 minutes long, I think. Laura was kind enough to take a picture with me :) It was fun!

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