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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Healesville Sanctuary

Cheryl, Melissa, Matt [Melissa's boyfriend] and I went to an animal sanctuary yesterday. It was GREAT! In fact, it was so great, that I took 190 pictures. Don't worry; I will not be putting all of them up here. Haha. I'm going to post pictures of a bunch of the different animals we saw, though. It was AWESOME, and I got some fabulous pictures.

When we entered the sanctuary, we went directly to a "Birds of Prey" show that started shortly after we arrived. It was really fun! The bird in this first picture is... either a Whistling Kite or a Peregrine Falcon. Heh. You know, I'm pretty sure it's a Peregrine Falcon.

This next bird is an owl. What kind of owl, you ask? Hmm...

Hehe. Okay, this is definitely a post that I'm going to edit :P


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