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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Last Day of School

Melissa had her last day of school on Wednesday. Now she's into her summer vacation!

Anyway, I went with her for her last day. And, me being the funny person that I am, I wore one of her uniforms. Aren't I beautiful? ;) I wore it mostly because I wanted to, and also partly because if I hadn't... I would've stuck out like a sore thumb. Hehe. A sea of purple, and a random girl wearing normal clothes, who talks differently than everyone else. If I'm going to be stared at, I want it to be because I'm stunningly beautiful :)

Mmyes. Anyway, her last day of school is pretty much like our first day of school :p We went to the classes that she's going to be taking this next year, and her teachers gave out their syllabus and described the course. Not to mention, they gave out a lot of homework for the students to do over the vacation. Melissa has to read 6 books and write responses to them, read half of a text book, and some other things. Dude, it wouldn't be very much fun to be a senior in high school over here.

This is Melissa, being funny at lunch time.

ALSO!!! Before I forget, I just wanted to say to the people who've been commenting on my posts: I've been replying to your comments. It's kind of a pathetic way to reply, but it's what I can figure out right now... So, if you've written on my blog, I've probably replied to you! Just look up the post that you commented on, and my reply will be on the same page as yours.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I miss you! <3


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh you are stunningly beautiful, Amy...*shifty eyes*
-Mel Mel

5:17 PM  

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