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Saturday, November 25, 2006


A dingo... looks like a dog ;) They're beautiful; their fur is a gorgeous orange color. These particular dingoes were howling at something, and it was pretty cool to watch them. In a book that Cheryl gave to me from the sanctuary, it says that dingoes "can be kept together easily as pairs but not larger groups as adult males tend to fight with other males, and adult females with other females." It also says that dingoes eat other animals, but they will also eat soft fruits. Interesting, no?

Now they're both in the picture, howling at something unknown. Could be that they were a little agitated at all the noise from the many, MANY elementary school kids that were running around all over the place. Who knows? Maybe they just wanted to show off.

One more picture of the dingoes. They were so beautiful!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For a sec, I thought you had a picture of a two-headed dingo! Now that would be something!
Thanks for the Christmas card Amy. Glad to hear that you continue to have a fabulous time. You're coming home at the end of this, right??

12:08 PM  

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